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Kindergarten Students

Welcome to Kindergarten at Crolancia Public School!

All stakeholders create a culture of learning so that students come first



Learn More About Kindergarten At Crolancia Public School!

Crolancia Public School has a Full-Day Early Learning—Kindergarten program (FDELKP). The classroom is staffed with a specialized Kindergarten teacher who is an expert in early childhood development. Our program promotes social and academic development through social play and inquiry. Our students explore new ideas of interest to them and conduct simple experiments as they learn through interacting with their environment. We promote the values of the Seven Grandfather Teachings to teach our students pro-social character traits.

Classroom Learning

Students are exposed to both traditional and modern teaching practices. Through the FDELKP, children receive a formalized reading and writing program and begin to study the fundamentals of mathematics. To balance out their learning, children also have time to socialize with classmates and use their imaginations through learning centers and free play. Music, rhyme and song, arts and crafts are also woven throughout the day. Technology is a large part of instruction. Smartboard and iPads are frequently used for educational games and activities to enhance student learning. Every child receives speech and language screening upon entry to our program. On-site delivery of speech and language programming is provided when required with parental consent. We recognize that many of our children are very young when they enter our kindergarten program. Some families feel that their child requires a gradual entry to the program. To support this development, we provide families with short term solutions, offering an alternate or shortened day to support their child’s initial learning needs.


The classroom has a separate water-fountain and private bathroom for the primary students. Students have convenient access to these facilities without having to leave their classroom. There is an age-appropriate play structure on the playground for the Kindergarten students to promote healthy and safe physical activity during our recess breaks. The Kindergarten classroom has a separate entry and mud room for student use.


Supervision of Students

During nutritional snack breaks, the kindergarten classroom is supervised by teachers. Teachers and Educational Assistants are available to assist your child with opening their snacks and getting dressed for outdoor play. During outdoor play, Kindergarten students enjoy their own brand-new play-structure in a safe and spacious, play area. The play structure includes a canopy to provide shade on hot days. We ensure that our ratio of supervisors to students on the playground is sufficient to support proper monitoring of student activities.

Communication with our Students’ Families

Communication with families is a priority for us. Teachers contact families via phone calls, email and notes home. Parents are more than welcome to make an appointment to speak with Kindergarten teacher. Parent Volunteers are always welcome to visit the classroom!

Parking at the School

Parking is available in the visitor section in the front of the school for kindergarten parents to pick-up and drop-off their children. Please be sure that you are careful not to block the bus loading area. Student pick-up and drop-off is supported by a private entrance with direct access to the student mud room.

School Bus Transportation

Students who require bus transportation are met during morning arrival by a staff member and escorted to their play area or into the school depending on weather conditions. At the end of the day, students are escorted to their bus by a teacher.

Breakfast/Lunch Programs

Breakfast items are offered daily. We understand that many children have an early breakfast and are often hungry by the time they arrive at school. Milk is available for sale monthly. Hot lunch items are offered throughout the month. A monthly student calendar outlines when each meal is available. Milk and Hot Lunch forms will be sent home with your child.

Ms. Prouse teaches me how to read!
- Sophia, Kindergarten student at Crolancia Public School


Crolancia School Community

Crolancia Public School is very focused on building a strong school community where all children are valued. Students in the Early Learning Program participate in monthly school assemblies and attend the various special events that are hosted at our school. These include monthly assemblies, concerts, and special guest presentations. We also modify school wide events such as the annual Terry Fox Walk to ensure that all of our children can be included. Kindergarten students practice their reading with Reading Buddies from a Junior or Intermediate class. This is an ideal way for the children to develop confidence in their reading and is a wonderful leadership opportunity for our older students as well.

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are offered for all students at Crolancia Public School. Various clubs are offered throughout the year. Eco-School, Girl’s Club, Sports Club, and Art Club are some favourites among the students. The school will send notes home about the various clubs and parents can sign consent forms if they decide to have their children participate.

Extra Clothing

Students are encouraged to bring a set of extra clothes to leave at school so that they may change wet socks or dirty shirts and pants as these situations arise. The soiled clothes will be sent home so parents can clean them and return them the following day. This will allow your child to remain comfortable without having to disrupt you at home or work to bring in a change of clothes if your child has an accident.

School/Home Connection

We believe that a strong school/home connection is vital to a child’s success in school. Parents are always welcomed to come to the school to visit or arrange with the teacher to be a guest presenter or reader in the classroom. Children love to see their parents at school and to be able to show their parents what they are learning. We welcome parents to come and see what their child is learning in our full-day learning program.

“I like playing centers, Ms. Prouse teaches me numbers and letters!”
- Kristopher, Kindergarten student at Crolancia Public School

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